Hi o/

My name is ablazing,
I live in belgium,

thats all u need to know

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List of bugs/Suggestions

List of bugs:

1) 10x hits doesn’t work

2) in the skills tab, dung and construction are flipped

3) in the skiills tab, summoning and hunter are also flipped

4) hardcore ironman and ultimate ironman icons are flipped, ultimate ironman should have the white icon and the hardcore ironman icon should be red

5) Ultimate ironmen cannot dung because they can’t bank there items

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New Signature

Look at my new signature

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Temaki’s Introduction

Helllo, My username is temaki I’ve been on and off playing rsps’s for the past few years and I can’t really find a rsps that suits me, but I think this one did just the trick. I can’t wait to see you all in-game!

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Fishing Xp

Ive noticed whilst a began fishing sharks that they give 2.8k xp but monkfish which are 14 lvls lower give 3.2k xp, this is xp is with Well of Goodwill activated but i doubt this will change much.

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What’s up, I’m Delta. Not going to get into myself too much, just gonna say I’ve been around the community for a very long time.

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It’s just a ride…

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From US…Been playing the wheels off of a few rsps’s over the years…Usually remakes or 718, even helped out on a few. Most clients like these are cookie cutters of each other, but for some reason gave it a go…really nice and unique content…enjoying myself … Cheers!

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Graardor Launch – 100m OSRS Competition!

Dear Players Graardor has finally launched!

Yes we have all been patiently waiting for this day to come and as promised we have delivered one of the best servers in the rsps scene history.

if you’re new to Graardor welcome to the best rsps if you’ve been here reporting bugs in the beta the graardor team is forever grateful. This release has really taken a lot longer than We ever imagined we have had many setbacks and changes on our way to this point but we never gave up thanks to you our loyal beta testersplayers.

The hiscores will be live in one or two days as we prepare for the 100m osrs competition

I found a bug where can i report it?
We appreciate all bug reports and suggestions
Report all bugs here: http://forum.graardor.com/index.php?/forum/40-bug-report/
& Suggestions here: http://forum.graardor.com/index.php?/forum/8-suggestions/

100m OSRSGP Competition
Graardor is celebrating launch with a competition with the prize of 100M OSRSGP wondering how to take part in this competition?
Well this competition isnt easy and only the best of players can win here is how it is going to go: First person to get the Completionist Cape will win 100m osrsgp so good luck to all and may the best grinder win

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Cannot play the server

Hey, whenever i try to open the client it gives me this error https://gyazo.com/584ecd908c7d0318c3f313525024abe0

I’ve looked at the earlier posts and i would try and delete my cache but i don’t have one downloaded.

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