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Nexus 3 | 896 Project

| Discord | Website |

Nexus is a Emulated Private Server currently running the revision number 896.

A new stage has been set as we are pushing further for top-notch gameplay, content, and commitment you can count on! You can visit our discord or website for more information at any time!

Log – Owner and Developer

Shirayuki – Head Administator and Developer

Track Our Progress

Screenshots will be added along with updates!

You can show your support by using our support signature

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Hello RuneSuite

Hello, people of RuneSuite, my name is Shirayuki and I hope to get along with everyone!

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Just chillin lookin for stuff

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OS-Royale P.O.S simple question

Can someone tell me which directory contains player owned shops settings? looked in everything i saw related to it aswell as everything imported into the playershop plugin itself, cant find it anywhere, wanted to enable to do some testing if its stable or not. Please if someone has the time just to tell me the mf name of the directory I’d be a happy hoe

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Hey My name is XKetamine ,

I am from the netherlands.

If u have question reply or pm me


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jones here.

I am from jones bridge hehe

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Quick health tip, eatcakizsogood4u nice to meetcha

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New here. Looking for a certain download. Thanks

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